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September 26 2008

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This is the Planettexture for the beginning Scene i'm working on, while phantasus is trying to animate Rasputin (his trousers eats his ass! wtf?) some hours have gone into this desert, partly wet planet but it's still alot to do!

July 19 2008

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after 10 hours of rendering the room is finally finished!

July 18 2008

As you will realize when we release our clip, Rasputin only has 4 fingers on each hand, this saves us A LOT of work! I wonder what those cartoon painters thought...

Rasputins Room

...fully equipped Scene 2 is currently in the rendering process, it features enhanced effects... and it stresses the CPU a lot. 2 1/2 hours of rendering now and not even half through!

July 17 2008


Pyromount at the Realtime Generation

you can meet us there in the Metalab from Friday afternoon til Sunday, we|ll present a short Promo Video and live model on Rasputin

July 13 2008

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Rasputins Room fully equiped, first BETA.Rendered with Radiosity and Subsurface Scattering.

July 04 2008

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rasputins sofa, rendered with subsurface scattering

June 23 2008

Sorry folks I'm very busy at work so there is close to no progress this month

June 08 2008

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As I promised here'S Rasputins Room, viewport outside

June 06 2008

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archive snapshot - chess
I had a chance to model with blender at work, i did some 3d icons for our app

June 03 2008

Over the last weekend i've done some work on rasputins Room, but its still lacking textures and details. Screenshot will follow soon

May 25 2008

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This is another space art of a rocky moon orbiting a Saturn like planet.

Pyromount Blog launches!

Hi everyone heres our new blog, where we'll keep you much more up to date of our progress than we did before!
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